4 Benefits of Guest Blogging

4 Benefits of Guest Blogging

Content marketing is a key component of any digital marketing strategy, as you well know. But sometimes coming up with new content can be a challenge. You know you should blog, but sometimes even that can be tiring. That’s why it’s a good idea to allow guest bloggers from time to time. But gaining a new perspective isn’t the only benefit of guest blogging. No, I can think of at least four more reasons you should utilize guest bloggers as much as possible.

1.    It strengthens your credibility.

When I worked in the hospitality industry, sometimes clients would call requesting services we couldn’t provide according to brand guidelines, and occasionally they’d get upset when we denied their request. I learned that in some instances if I passed them along to someone else—not necessarily a manager; could be anyone on the team—they were often satisfied with the answer and ceased to push back. I’m not saying you’re posting controversial topics on your blog, but the principle still applies. It’s in our nature as consumers to be suspicious, and hearing the same message from more than one source adds credibility. And having another professional willing to endorse your message and back up what you’re saying on your blog can have huge positive ramifications.

2.    It adds valuable links.

More than likely, you can find someone who’s willing to do a guest blogging swap with you. If that’s the case, adding a link back to your site is a benefit for both of you. Adding links goes hand-in-hand with credibility in that building links also builds credibility in search engines. And when search engines see others linking to your site, they’re more likely to promote you in rankings. Adding these links works wonders for SEO. 

3.    It expands your audience.

If you’re featured in someone else’s blog, you’re probably going to let your readers know. And if they’re featured in yours, they’re going to let theirs know, probably on both social media and their blog. No matter what, by guest blogging you’re able to expand your audience size to readers who may not have known you existed before and who may want to follow you in the future. And while we’re on the topic of audience, adding a fresh voice and perspective to your blog may help refresh the interest of readers who had started to get bored with you. Bottom line: guest blogging grows your audience.

4.    It's generous.

Okay, maybe you’re guest blogging for all the selfish reasons above. Maybe you want guest bloggers on your site for all the selfish reasons above. There’s nothing wrong with doing what’s best for your company. But the good news is that this action has a generous side, too: You’re also helping out a business or organization or cause you believe in. And I believe it’s important that trustworthy companies receive the recognition they deserve. Use your brand and your platform to be a good influence, not just to your audience but also to the community around you

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