2 Keys to Optimizing Your Social Strategy

2 Keys to Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

There exist few factors in social media marketing as significant as post frequency and post consistency. How often you post content (for your own business or on behalf of your company) and how regularly you post content together play what is perhaps the biggest role in how your social media presence impacts your brand image.

Setting goals and objectives is a beneficial practice when developing a social media campaign or drawing up a social strategy, but the real challenge is in delivering fresh, compelling social media content in a constant and reliable manner. 

Here are two social strategy keys and best practices to put into action.

Frequency in Social Strategy

By itself, posting on social media is hardly a challenge. In the information age where just about anything is accessible, anybody can post anything they want, any time they want. Of course, this brings consequences. But as a brand, it's crucial to remember the frequency at which you share content across your social channels will also bring consequences (e.g. losing or gaining a following, fluctuation in follower engagement, etc.).

When considering a big-picture approach to social strategy, companies may find themselves cornered in a social media catch-22:

Post too often? You risk your posts losing water weight as they may be considered less significant by your audiences. You also risk being a contributor of information overload to the already overcrowded feeds of your followers. This may cause them to lose interest.

Post too little? You risk losing brand recognition and brand awareness as you fade into the back of your audiences' minds. 

Either approach can be detrimental to your brand, so it's vital to remember to post as often as your audience would like you to.

So what does that mean? How do you determine how frequently your audience wants to see your posts? Digital measuring sticks like responsive Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter insights will help you tailor your social strategy to your audience's preferences. Using those digital marketing metrics can also help you roadmap a steady stream of content, where you are posting frequently enough to keep your audience active and engaged.

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Consistency in Social Strategy 

Much like post frequency, post consistency also carries influence and informs consumer opinions about your brand. When a social media follower can count on you to post original and creative content on a daily or weekly basis, that follower has something to look forward to. By cultivating positive expectations, you grow your digital brand and stimulate your followers for future social engagement. Companies can use this to their advantage to generate buzz and hype around a current project, a creative blog or a company event. 

Faithful social media followers don't grow on trees; rather, they trickle in over time in more of an "if you build it, they will come" pattern. Ensuring that you are posting original content or resharing relevant content across all your social channels on a consistent basis will provide a nice boost in your following and will elevate your brand.

Posting consistently shows that a company cares enough to develop content and share it so their clients and followers will feel that their role in the success of the company is meaningful and acknowledged.

Why is this important? Because without followers and clients, there is no brand. Developing a strategy and utilizing social media marketing is a simple and easy way to grow steady relationships and online streams of communication.

Be frequent, but not too frequent. Be consistent, but keep your audience at the forefront. Social strategy is a powerful tool. Why not optimize it? 


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