17 Problems With Your Website

17 Problems With Your Website

At Farmore, building websites is our business. And in our business, we’ve seen a multitude—thousands, I daresay—of bad websites. It’s not enough to merely have a website anymore; your company website needs to make you stand out from the crowd and seem trustworthy and relevant. As technology changes and as your company grows, your website should also evolve. Are you happy with your website? If not, it’s probably due to one (or more) of the following problems. 


I’d say design problems are the number one problem we see with websites. Here are some common issues:

1.    The site design doesn’t reflect your branding.
2.    You have no branding.
3.    Your company logo needs a redesign.
4.    Your color scheme is not complimentary.
5.    Fonts are too small or difficult to read.
6.    Navigating your site is a maze and even you don’t know where to find some of your content.


It’s not a secret that content is the new black when it comes to digital marketing. Search engines use content to decide which websites to promote. That said, there are still content issues on many sites today. If you have a content problem, it probably looks something like this:

7.    It’s not clear what your company actually does.
8.    Your content is outdated.
9.    Your content is poorly written and riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors.
10.    You have a blog that hasn’t been updated in several months.
11.    Your site lists employees that haven’t worked there in years.
12.   Your photos are from 2005 (that was 10 years ago!). 


Search engine optimization isn’t just a suggestion; there’s no point in having a website if your customers can’t find you, and Google will not index you without proper SEO. Contrary to what you might have heard, SEO has rules, and if you’re not following them don’t expect to be at the top of rankings for long. Here are some popular SEO violations.

13.    SEO? What’s that? Your site has no SEO to speak of.
14.    The meta data on your site does not follow best practices.
15.    So many keywords are stuffed into your content that it’s unreadable.
16.    The keywords incorporated into your content have no traffic (no one is searching for them).
17.    You don’t use anchor text for your links.

Even if you’re satisfied with your current site and not looking for a redesign, there’s always room for improvement. So take a look at each of these issues and take an honest look at your site—or ask us to. We’re happy to give you advice on what steps you can take to improve your web presence.

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