10 Ways to Build a Social Media Following

10 Ways to Build a Social Media Following

So you want to take your plunge into the world of social media and you need to build a following.  Increasing your number of social media followers requires a coordinated approach to your target audience. An effective social media campaign provides content that entices new followers as well as maintains current ones.  Here are 10 tips on how to increase your following on your social media channels. 

Create compelling and relevant content

This is probably the single most important thing you can do to generate more followers. Offer helpful tips, information and insights. Blog and post articles on other sites as often as you can, and be sure to include an invitation to follow you on social media.

We live in the age of the visual web.  Today, visual content is the more engaging for of content online.  According to research, using images can result in an 85% interaction rate on Facebook and increased retweets by 35% on Twitter.  Even though these statistics have been proven, you can’t just create an ordinary image and expect it to perform well.  Your pictures have to be attractive and give your audience a reason to engage with them.

Pictures do not have to be the only visual type of content that will engage potential audiences.  Video is a great for sharing and will attract new people to follow your social media channels and increase your following.

Publicize your social presence

To maximize your social media channels’ existence, here are a few tips:

follow us
  • Fill out your social media profiles completely

  • Share a link to your profile on your other networks and email

  • Place follow links and widgets on your blog and/or website

  • Add your social profiles to your email signature

Hold contests and giveaways

Everyone likes to win free things, so holding a contest or giveaway on your social media page is a great way to engage people to interact with your page.  A great contest rule to follow is to have contestants to share the post and like your page to be entered to win.  This will increase the reach of the post by having people share the contest as well as boost the number of followers on your page.  Most of the time, the new people who like your page just for the contest will stick around and become new followers. 

Actively follow other accounts

Sitting around and waiting for others to follow you will only slow the increasing followers process.  Being proactive and following other accounts will increase the likelihood that they will follow you back.  This creates a relationship between the two accounts and shows that you care about them.

Include a call to action

A call to action is a clear instruction that tells your audience how you want them to respond to your post. But even if you’re just posting regular content, you can increase your engagement by asking your readers to respond using any one of the following CTAs below:

  • Read more

  • Click here

  • Subscribe now

  • Please RT

  • Please share

  • Leave a comment

  • Post a caption

  • Buy now

“Boost” your posts

If you have some extra marketing dollars to spend, paying to increase the exposure of a post is a great way to gain viewership to untapped followers in your target audience.  Promoting your personal brand or business through sponsored posts can be another great way to give a quick boost to your tally of followers.

Reposting content

Sharing posts from other pages is a great way to share fresh content as well as gain exposure.  Sharing another pages’ content will make them more inclined to share yours, which will allow your posts to be seen to a whole new audience and attract them to your pages.  Reposting viral content generates a higher reach and will allow new followers to visit your pages. 

Check out your competition 

You have to do your research, and you have to keep up on it. Check up on the competition. See what industry leaders are doing. How can you apply their methods of success to your social media strategy? Look at what’s trending in social media, across whichever platforms you use. How can you make these trends work for you? Pay attention to what’s working for others. 

Interact with followers and anyone that mentions you

Most social networks are all about making connections and having conversations. Just as you should be regularly sharing educational, insightful content, you should also be monitoring your presence and interacting with your fans and followers. This will help you build a loyal, engaging following.

Follow the 80-20 rule

Adding value and developing community is a less popular underlying intention of many social media campaigns as most people are simply pushing self-promotion which does not encourage a great basis for real engagement.  When companies neglect to be involved in a community of cross promotion, people sense they are being sold to, rather than ‘communicated with’ and quickly loose interest. Follow the 80/20 rule.

80% of your posts should be socially focused on:

  • Talk about industry news

  • Share articles from other people you admire

  • Interact with comments and customers

  • Discuss your community’s concerns and questions

  • Showcase events you are attending or have attended

  • Cross-promote with credible people of influence

  • Share past and present posts from your business blog

Increasing your social media presence takes time and a clear strategy. Simply being active on social media with one-directional, broadcast posts is no longer enough, and honestly, unless you are engaging and building your social community, it’s likely to be time poorly spent. As more and more businesses establish their social media channels, engagement must be front and center, taking time in establishing brand relationships will be the deciding factor in your message being heard, and social media having a positive impact on your business.

If you have any questions about your social media outlook or looking for more information about our online marketing services, contact Farmore Marketing today!

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