At Farmore we believe the true mark of success is a satisfied customer. Our mission is to provide not only a quality product, but also an easy process. It has been a privilege to work with each and every one of our customers. Instead of just telling you how happy our customers are with us, we'll let them tell you.  

"The whole process has been amazing from start to finish.  The finished product was awesome.  We have been receiving lots of positive feedback from our customers and donors…the website is really easy to navigate.  It has really helped us take everything to the next level.  I highly recommend Farmore Marketing to anybody & any business."

- James Poulter, ChiChi Rodriguez Youth Foundation

"Farmore Marketing came onboard when we had an inferior website. We knew it, our customers knew it and when we met with Luke, he walked us through what we could do to take it to the next level.  Whatever your business may need, we've been happy with everything they have done."  

- Mike Mezrah, Tampa Bay Sporting Clays

"It was done in a way that I had never seen done before. Working with Farmore was incredibly easy. The creativity that you all naturally show was there throughout the event... It took our tournament to the next level... I thought the finished product was amazing. I would recommend no matter what somebody is looking to get recorded for a video is that they look at the work product of Farmore."

- Bob Rohrlack, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

"We were wowed, to be honest with you. We've seen other videos, and we've had other things produced. And we looked at the first cut. "This is better than we had hoped," we said, 'you know, these guys get it.' They have been responsive, they've been effective, they do great quality work, and are just fun to work with."

- Dale and Brian Karmie, ForeverLawn

"The process of working with Farmore has been great... The finished product... absolutely exceeded expectations... Farmore had a unique way of capturing kind of the lifeblood of our organization. While video marketing is what drew us to Farmore, they've been a help on so many other levels... Farmore Marketing has been kind of a one-size-fits-all for our marketing needs."

- Thom Pirone, RedRock Leadership

"The quality of the video was excellent, the video was clean and crisp. The process of working with Farmore was very easy... The end result was perfect... I highly recommend them."

- Mike O'Keene, New Nautical Coat

"They did such a phenomenal job... we weren't expecting that. It's hard to find good people that aren't out for the wrong reasons... I would recommend Farmore Marketing in a second."

- Steve Chamberland, 50 Legs

"Farmore shot video footage of a large park playground project we had just completed. They chose the best of all the footage based on what we explained we wanted to achieve and provided a professional, exciting, finished video that will fit very nicely with our marketing efforts. All the work was done in timely fashion and kept simple and straightforward. The first draft of the video was near exactly what we wanted. We made some minor edits and we were done. We’re very happy with the finished video and the flexibility offered by Farmore regarding file formats for easy usage of the video."

- Tim McNamara, Vice President, ABCreative

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