Social Media Marketing

Social media and marketing go hand in hand these days. Users are spending more and more time on social media sites, making social media an important component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Social media provides the unique opportunity for you to connect directly with your customers while building brand awareness. It provides a platform for you to not only talk about your company but also interact with your network. Let us help you build an audience for your brand.

Social media channels

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Facebook for business is becoming more popular, and the chances are high that your target audience is on Facebook, making it a great tool for spreading your message.

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The largest growing professional network, LinkedIn provides the perfect place for you to interact with your clients and consumers while they are in a business mindset.

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Videos are our business, and YouTube is the perfect place to amplify them, as it's one of the largest search engines. Posting your video content here is vital to a strong marketing campaign.

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Google+ should be a key component in an SEO strategy, as links shared here are indexed straight to Google. It can also be a really great place to interact with clients and customers.


Twitter is the most up-to-date social media site of all. Topics can trend and then die within an instant. It's important for your brand to be involved in relevant topics and visible at appropriate times.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, the value of Instagram shouldn't be discounted. Sharing your content through this social media account could be a perfect fit for you and your brand.

Social Media Marketing Services

Audit & Strategy

We'll audit your social media sites and evaluate their effectiveness and then provide a strategy for content going forward, including which social media sites will be best suited for your company. We'll determine the best types of posts, frequency of posts, and times to post.

Account Management

After completing your social media strategy, we will put those actionable items in motion. We'll implement your editorial calendar, creating new content to post that overlaps with your SEO strategy, and even interact with others in your networks.


Analytics Reporting 

We believe the effectiveness of social media is measurable, and regular reports will ensure your strategy is on target. Reporting will help make decisions concerning future social media plans and adjusting current ones.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

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We believe social media gives a voice to your brand. We'll work with you to identify the best tone and style for your online presence, as well as the best platforms for your brand.


With a comprehensive audit and strategy, we'll evaluate your current social media tactics to identify issues and create strategies.


We'll put in motion the actionable items from the audit and strategy, executing a comprehensive social media plan.


At Farmore, we believe our social media tactics will create measurable results, and we use reporting to ensure they're working.

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