Email Marketing

Connections that begin

with a click.

Email marketing combines engagement, craftsmanship, and partnership. Thinking about what your audience needs, crafting each email with a specific goal, and genuinely talking to each person leads to measurable results and real connections. 

Email marketing provides a stable channel allowing you to reliably communicate with your audience. You have the power to control exactly what people see, read, and learn from you.


A great process is just as important as a great product

We stand by our belief that the process of working together is of equal importance to the work we produce together. In every successful relationship, communication is key. That’s why we clearly define terms, goals, and timelines, for your email marketing from strategy and concept to distribution and analytics.

Our Email Marketing Services


Content Creation

Email marketing provides the unique opportunity to curate the relevant content for your audience, and further your business goals.


Gathering data overtime gives us the information we need to distribute your content at the best times, ensuring the best results.

List Building

Building your email list gives you a chance to truly stretch your network, and collect a lot of data.


Read our latest case study.


Helicon was looking to boost their online presence. They started with a new website, a variety of digital marketing services, and video production. Learn how our strategies and efforts lead to a doubled click-through-rate, a 223% engagement increase, and much more!  


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