Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the top sources for lead nurturing and management. It allows you to build relationships with loyal customers, bringing repeat sales. Your clients read their emails every day, and reaching them right in their inbox adds an unparalleled depth to your marketing strategy.

At Farmore Marketing, Inc., we believe email marketing should add that extra depth to your current marketing plan, allowing for personal touches, making the message worthwhile--and effective. No matter where you are in your email marketing plan, our expertise in email marketing resources combined with graphic design and content marketing can help you see real results.

Email Marketing Solutions

Account Setup

Sometimes beginning is the hardest part. If that's your biggest stumbling block, we can get your email marketing campaign started for you, equipping you to move forward.


Maybe your email marketing isn't as effective as you had hoped. We can take a look at your strategy and give you advice on what to change, from design to content, to yield results.

Template Design

Our graphic designers are amazing, and they can provide you with templates for your emails that are both visually appealing and communicative.

Account Management

A strong email marketing strategy requires regular maintenance. We have the expertise and bandwidth to manage your campaign for you to maximize your efforts.

Our process

email marketing resources.jpg


From the beginning, we establish clear goals for your email marketing resources and lay a solid foundation for future strategies.


We'll evaluate your current campaigns to identify issues and create strategies that will bring real, measurable results.


We'll put in motion actionable items that enable your email marketing campaign to be the best it can be.


With regular reporting, we can see what tactics work with your audience, allowing us to adjust strategies.

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