Be The Turtle!


Everyone knows the children's story about the turtle and the hare. While we have grown up and no one reads bed-time stories to us anymore (hopefully), that story has some profound meaning. In fact, the story contains a key to success for life.

If we take a look at the situation we see an obvious underdog. A hare is known for speed and a turtle, well, not so much. People had their money on the hare, but as we all know, HE LOST! Why did he lose? He had all of the tools and ability to win the race hands down. The answer is simple, inconsistency. He might have been more well equipped and had a great advantage, but he wasn't consistent.

If I exercise for 12 hours straight one day and take the rest of the month off I will not see any progress, maybe an injury, but no progress. It is only when I consistently exercise every day that I will begin to see results. If you were to ask any successful person how they got to where they were, most wouldn't respond by saying "It just kinda happened." Success in any venture takes hard work and consistency.

So, be the turtle! Be consistent in all avenues of life, including your business. If you are looking to improve your business it will not happen overnight, just like losing a waist size. It will take time and consistency. Advertising and marketing need to be consistent to build a relationship with consumers. There are many theories about how many times a consumer will have to see your ad for it to be effective, some suggest up to 20 times! Fact is, be consistent and you will see results.

About the Author

Luke Fortin

I'm Luke Fortin, CEO of Farmore Marketing. Originally from Turner, Maine,  I achieved my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Clearwater Christian College in 2013. I love the combination of business and art that marketing provides--I believe it's what makes a business unique and successful. 

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